Donner Lake Triathlon

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This past Sunday was the donner lake triathlon. What a great event! I teamed up with Abby moran and Dylan griffin to do the Olympic relay. This was the only way I could participate in this great event. Having back issues prevented me from doing the whole race, but having teammates to cover the bike and run made it possible for me to enjoy a fun swim in a beautiful lake in a competitive atmosphere. For a couple of off-the-couch rookies, we did pretty well. Taking 4th place.

The donner lake triathlon was not just a race, but rather a unique experience to enjoy all that Tahoe has to offer. My morning started off with watching the sunrise over the Carson range and seeing donner lake turn orange, red, and purple all at the same time. After setting up in the transition area, we had over an hour to take in the scene. It was cool to see so many athletes from all over northern California coming together in Tahoe to put their athleticism to the test. The vibe from the visitors was fantastic, with many of them stating that this is “their favorite triathlon of the year.”

After mingling with fellow athletes I was joined by my favorite spectator my lovely wife, Susie, and two beautiful children, ridge and Annika. Their support was just what I needed to get fired up to start the swim. As I crossed the finish line for the swim I heard ridge (5 years old) yell “I love you daddy.” that was followed by the “ooohhhh and aaahhhh” of the crowd. I couldn’t have had a bigger smile on my face if I had tried.

​​​​​​​My teammates, Dylan and Abby did an incredible job of biking and running to put us at the finish line in 2 hours and 56 minutes. We missed taking home a 3rd place award by three minutes. We set out that morning to just have fun and complete the race. However, coming so close to placing in the top three has motivated us to compete more seriously next year. Regardless of how we performed, we had a great time and finished with smiles on our faces. Thank you teammates for making it a memorable day!


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